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Short for Daily Paid Deuce. Taking a crap at work while on the clock thus getting paid to take a number 2.
Man I love getting paid for taking a DPD, its a relief to know that work pays me to shit.
by DPD Frequenter July 20, 2010
"Dicks Per Day" or how many dicks per day a female (or male) gets.
John: I just got a new girlfriend
Bob: Ya? Whats her DPD?
John: One... mine.
by skaterboyomg February 05, 2012
Dead Piro Day. This is megatokyo's downtime, where Piro draws us a little doodle instead of a full-fledged comic. See also SGD.
Man, Megatokyo has had six DPDs this month. When will the story continue?
by RhiannonG October 09, 2005
African American orgin. Commonly used as a nick name for Dave Paul Dave. Dave Paul for short. Often plays basketball and talks with the girls basetball team. Scores buckets all day and loves prank phone calls. Most commonly uses the word fack in his vocabulary dictionary
Kyle : Yo watch me drain this 3- pointer like its my facking job
Dpd: Wow I can't believe you just facking balled like that
by Your Fackers January 02, 2011
Djiboutian Pocket Darts. A complex billiards/darts game.
Want to go down to the silver cue this weekend and play some DPD?
by Bthomps October 21, 2004
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