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Pronounced 'Dove.' An informal(/irreverent) medical term for a patient who is alive and 'stable,' but being supported by a ventilator and generally in a coma, with little chance of ever recovering function. Stands for 'Dead On the Vent(ilator).'
It's been a slow night; we got a GSW around 2:00, but otherwise just been the DOVs.
by facs February 17, 2009
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Ur such a dov!!!!!!
by Barneyfred!! March 28, 2005
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D.O.V. is an acronym for DragOnView, which alludes to pornography filmed from the point of view of a human male's phallic member.
The term D.O.V. is often used in conjunction with classic, alluding to a good friend's tastes; for example, "He enjoys watching DOV's all night long... Classic Luis."
by ClassicLuis April 17, 2017
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