so bad ass
That chick is so dos, its fucking ridiculous.
by Jessica Sanford December 06, 2008
An early OS (operating system), that was very simple. Programs were booted after the C:\ command line. DOS was later borrowed by Microsoft, which wouldn't exist anymore if it weren't for DOS. DOS was used for classic games, such as Doom, Wolfenstein, and Quake. DOS remains in existance and is used for gaming, without having to deal with Windows errors. A new version of DOS is hard to find, but with the most current and currently most popular version being FreeDOS, DOS users are still welcome to play their old games.
DOS pretty much died out after Windows "borrowed" it.
by Lynx_User58 July 05, 2005
the coolest girl ever
mormon girl
and verry pretty
dos is the raw at basketball
by iandizzle January 18, 2007
1) Various forks of Gary Kildall's cp/m. These usually use monolithic singletasking, although programs running under DOS can be written to exhibit multitasking.

2) Microsoft DOS, one of Microsoft's first example's of making money off of borrowed code. Microsoft bought QDOS (Quick and Dirty Operating System) from Tim Patterson in the early 80s. As a result of this, a chain reaction started and Microsoft products now run on approximately 90% of all computers despite their steep prices and reputation of crashing. MS-DOS uses the FAT12 and FAT16 systems natively, and are also fundamental parts of non-NT Windows implementations.
1) DOS is teh ubar OS

2) Oh snap! I lost my DOS disks! Now I gotta pay $135 for a new liscenced copy or else the RIAA will hunt my ass down!
by ravingidiot July 05, 2004
Denial of Service, a very lame way of making it so a computer cant access a specific resource. Usually connected to IRC.
Ebay got DoS'd.
by louis October 22, 2001
number 2 in spanish. lol its not taking a sh**. Count how many fingers you hold up when you give the peace sign. yea thats 2
Luis:Oye loco que paso!
Marco: un raton me mordio mi dos dedos!
Luis:Yo what happened man!
Marco: A rat bit 2 of my fingers!
by Kevin Cassidy July 04, 2005
Dos: Dirty Old Slut
Damn that girl is a d.o.s. Pronounced dawse.
by ninja December 07, 2002

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