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said in place of "peace" or "later" or "bye". must be said with peace sign in the air, but not really. you can just say it i guess.
"dos bitches, im out"

"dos nigga"

"im gonna go, dos"
by chestopher July 28, 2012
6 1
A name used by only the most intelligent spanish speaking foreigners. It can also be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or pronoun, making it a very useful term.
Kid: Don't you ever dos me like that again.

Kid 2: Shut up, you're being a dos.

Kid 3: Get me my dos from the kitchen, and don't dos it on the way back.
by chinkyboii August 18, 2012
6 4
Stands for Day Of Silence.

See Day Of Silence
Gay: Sign up for the D.O.S. because we're cool. Don't oppress us.
by Kymi April 15, 2006
3 7
the act of anal sex, the second option
She was on the rag so we did the dos' instead
by Mado March 04, 2004
4 10
meaning Drunk on Soda
dude, last night i was soooo DOS
by Dr. Foster January 28, 2009
11 23
something insanely awesome, sexy, cool etc
guy: man u see that chick

mate: yer man she is dos as
by such a freshie September 25, 2008
3 17
so bad ass
That chick is so dos, its fucking ridiculous.
by Jessica Sanford December 06, 2008
8 25