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said in place of "peace" or "later" or "bye". must be said with peace sign in the air, but not really. you can just say it i guess.
"dos bitches, im out"

"dos nigga"

"im gonna go, dos"
by chestopher July 28, 2012
A name used by only the most intelligent spanish speaking foreigners. It can also be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, or pronoun, making it a very useful term.
Kid: Don't you ever dos me like that again.

Kid 2: Shut up, you're being a dos.

Kid 3: Get me my dos from the kitchen, and don't dos it on the way back.
by chinkyboii August 18, 2012
Abbreviation for Doritos.
Quiet night in. Movie. Family share bag o' Cool Ranch D'os.
by cambo_winterfell90 June 10, 2014
Stands for Day Of Silence.

See Day Of Silence
Gay: Sign up for the D.O.S. because we're cool. Don't oppress us.
by Kymi April 15, 2006
the act of anal sex, the second option
She was on the rag so we did the dos' instead
by Mado March 04, 2004
meaning Drunk on Soda
dude, last night i was soooo DOS
by Dr. Foster January 28, 2009
something insanely awesome, sexy, cool etc
guy: man u see that chick

mate: yer man she is dos as
by such a freshie September 25, 2008