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Female with a sweet ass, derived from tyranasaurous rex.
Beyonce is a donkasaurus rex, Megan Fox's badonk makes her a donkasaurus rex.
#badonk #sara #p #big #ass #pounding #the #donkasaurus
by PSHASM February 08, 2010
12 Words related to DONKASAURUS REX
1) An extremely poor poker player

2) An extremely poor beer pong player
1) Peter Fields called $40 with a five high straight. HAHA. What a donkasaurus rex.

2) Mike Kuzan only won eleven games of beer pong in a row. That kid is such a donkasaurus rex!
#donk #donkasaurus #rex #donkosaurus #kuzan
by the champ 107 June 07, 2009
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