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When used in relation to marijuana and weed, it means "donate one, get one" - a derivative of "buy one get one free" aka BOGO
"All fire 1/4ths are DOGO until next week!"
by riemannsum March 20, 2015
Acronym for Dance Or Get Out, a phrase shouted at random drunk party-goers instructing them to either (a) dance or (b) GET OUT. There are only two choices. No questions asked.
Carl (to drunk freshmen): "DOGO!'

Freshmen: "Huh?"


Freshmen: "Ah ok, ok, ok!" *start dancing*
by w422 November 17, 2011
1. Slang for large, strong, thick penis; similar to the traits of the dog breed Dogo Argentino.

2. Also can be used when describing any kind of penis.
Vanessa: "Wow, i was sucking his dogo last night so hard that my throat hurts."

Marcel: "That's what you get when you suck dogo's"
by sexylatinamama5698 September 08, 2009
Good. Created by Chaminade University. Shall be the next biggest word.
Dude that was so dogo.
by noobishactz September 10, 2005
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