Dead Or Alive: The Best Action Game, with a possible exception of Street Fighter 2. Also, Kasumi is the best ^^
by Anonymous August 13, 2003
Department of Agriculture
The DOA is the Department of Agriculture
by JAN July 23, 2004
DOA definition: Deep Oral Action. The act of taking a man's cock ball deep one's mouth.
DOA, he exclaimed! I'm not fucking dead but I do need some Deep Oral Action about now.
by Mike's husband November 07, 2007
Dead or Alive. A game I used to like until it got boring and I realized it only sold because of tits. The girls are hot, and Kasumi PWNZ all the others.
Yes, the girls are hot, but come on people, pull your heads out of your asses. It only sells because of tits. I bet if there were only guys in it, it wouldn't sell.

So I like hentai, alright? I'm kind of a hypocrite from my Wapanese definition. But I'm not Wapanese.
by Link July 18, 2004
the name of a canadian punk rock band "drunk on arival
"lets go see DOA, i heard jello biafra is singing with em still"
by DoNNy RoXXX January 06, 2004
Abbreviation for 'dogs on acid' popular Drum n Bass forum.
"those doa ppl r such muppets, not like us on DNBA"
by Dee-Oh-A September 09, 2003
Dip Off Artist
Gang of East Brunswick
Rivals of Jersey Finest
Yo DOA is gonna mess up that wigger if he dont stop messin dawg
by Marlon April 26, 2004

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