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to roll with, be down with, respect.
"see, i fucks with you nigga, you my dawg you always be my dawg yah heard meh."
by Marlon January 08, 2005
A person that enjoys cock.
Man, once Sally got wild last night, I learned she was a cockoholic!
by Marlon May 04, 2003
A dude who likes to have sex with other dudes.
"hey man you watch out for him, he's a man tackler"
by marlon December 29, 2004
The pronunciation of the acronym s.t.f.u. (shut the fuck up). It's faster than sayign the letters of the acronym, and much faster than saying "Shut the fuck up."
jxni: those are nice boots
marl0n: thanks
jxni: give them to me
marl0n: shtufah
by Marlon April 14, 2004
short for Dick.
Wow, you def. rock Tha D.
by Marlon May 17, 2003
Dip Off Artist
Gang of East Brunswick
Rivals of Jersey Finest
Yo DOA is gonna mess up that wigger if he dont stop messin dawg
by Marlon April 26, 2004
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