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DMO= Display Model Only..

this is a guy or girl who looks jacked in the gym due to lots of gucci muscle workouts, but can't put out any real work. all bark and no bite i.e.. someone who can do bicep curls for days but can't do a power clean. could also be a police officer or operator who spends more time on their hair than learning how to break things and hurt people.
Wyatt is DMO, dude looks like a stud, but flops like a fish if you tackle him. #Debacle
by DangerousBrian November 23, 2013
Acronym, stands for: drunken make out.
He's corrupting young girls with dmo's.
by Albert Bundy February 19, 2008
white rich rapper from orlando who uses style similar to lil wayne and ludacris, underground free styling legend
we were at the country club free styling and d mo killed it.
by Victor Floyd October 21, 2007
short for Deep Mouth
"Wow, what a DMo."
"that girl's got a DMo."
Can also be said when referring to a girl with an ability to deep throat.
by DM September 16, 2007
Digital Media Optimization: A waste of money that business owners are conned into believing they need.
Guy 1: I think DMO is stupid, can we just get our paychecks already?
D & A: We must sell more DMO! Let's get a DMO dashboard. DMO DMO DMO!
by DMOisDMDUMB August 23, 2011
to dominate everyone at everything
"Wow, that was the greatest night of my life, we got in bed and he just D Mo'ed me."

"I tried my best to make fun of him but man, he just D Mos at comebacks."

"That guy totally D Mo'ed us, he hit 8 homeruns."
by thecrouchingcowboy45 December 13, 2009
1. a defensive, stubborn individual from the suburbs of Philly that cannot admit when he is wrong
2. 'person unaware OF his weaknesses when facing A better competitor' not 'person unaware his weaknesses when facing better competitor'
"You don't know what you're talking about, Sath, not all women are fucked up."

"Stop being such a!"
by k-swami April 21, 2004

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