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An acronym for the phrase 'do me now'.
James looks so hot tonight... DMN.

I need some love tonight, I wish someone would DMN.

"hey hottie"
"just DMN"
by domenowww July 10, 2012
an abbreviations for da word "damn"
Dmn, yo ass got treated.
You so dmn stupid
by Davemark January 29, 2008
DMN, which stands for Dallas Morning News, is Dallas, Texas' only official newspaper, known for its conservative-leaning, fascist "troll-baiting" articles and notorious racist online comments wherein the perpetrators of a crime have a Latino surname or photos wherein the perpetrators are Latino or African American. The DMN frequently refers to any area not populated by Caucasians as "Oak Cliff" because of Dallas' traditionally white-run business community systematically denigrating Latinos and African Americans going back to the 1800s and still in existence today.

The Dallas Observer, considered Dallas' "alternative" newspaper, is the only other newspaper who has a large enough readership that ever counters the DMN's racist overtones.

At one time Dallas used to have one other "official" newspaper, The Dallas Times Herald, but on December 8, 1991, The Belo corporation, who owns the DMN, bought the Dallas Time Herald and the next day, shut down the paper for its support of more liberal-leaning views, often highlighting crimes in the North Dallas area, enraging the more wealthy, white residents.
"Did you read the DMN today? Another shooting in Plano today! Man, I'm never goin' up there!"
by Shale Grant May 25, 2009
1. Abriviation for "damian"
2. CS player that hacks,
dmn owned wyze-juwanna with the awp
wyze-hE_master was knifed by dmn
by Damian December 12, 2004

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