A strong belief in the divine power, known as DLeeze, whom is in control of human destiny. Most believe that in the summer of 1988 a divine prophet know as Derek was born to exemplify the omificent perfection of the one true DLeeze. It has recently been clarified that the prophet known as Derek has proven to be even more powerful than Jesus Christ himself. Many religous folks fear the power associated with this new found religion, which is well justified. For the one true God DLeeze is the supernatural being conceived as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the universe. Furthermore his prophet Derek can be considered one whom is complete of his kind; without defect or blemish.
Mark: Do you believe in DLeezism ??

Steve: Yes

God: Good you shall receive eternal happiness.

Mark: Do you follow DLeezism ?

Jose: No

Jose died from super-natural causes...nearly instantaneously, and obviously has remained unable to be contacted for further questioning...

Until recently DLeeze himself contacted this poor individual whom was begging forgiveness. DLeeze spat in his face and laughed at his misfortune and passed the story along to the chosen one Derek. Derek contends that to betray DLeeze is to betray oneself. Dare do so and you shall justly reap the consequences.
by JesusSaidSo March 26, 2009

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