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1.DLK is a pretty much any kid from Littleton MA. DLK stands for Dirty Littleton Kids.

2.Its a graffity symbol that is seen in many places all over Littleton and MA. It is also in a few malls in states like Maine and New Hampshire.
1. Kid 1 "Where did go?"
Kid 2 "Oh I moved to Littleton last month"
Kid 1 "So your a DLK now?"

2. Mall cop "did you see that kid tagging that wall"
Mall cop 2 "yeah lets go see what it says"
they walk over to the wall
Mall cop "Its another dirty littleton kid showing their pride on our walls!"
Mall cop 2 "god damn those DLK's!!"
by Proud to be a DLK July 05, 2009
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