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A stereotypical suburban town full of soccer moms and spoiled kids.
Every house looks the same in Littleton.
by J.Scott December 27, 2007
106 93
The best city ever... there is no possible debate here
Littleton needs no explaining
by Mr. Littleton March 04, 2011
26 19
Littleton is a family name belonging to a supremely fascinating man, whose bloodline of Littletons has been passed on for centuries. They have a rich history in the military, in fact a few have been Inner-Circle Generals, be it in the Marine Corps or Army. If you are lucky enough to meet a Littleton, you most likely will not know that is his full name, as they usually go by "Tony". They are an honorable kind, though a dying breed. If you meet one, procreate with him and carry on his bloodline: you will not regret it.

When you find them in their casual state of "Tony"ism, they will likely be more humble, as like a ring of power, the name Littleton is hard to bear, but bear it they do, and many dragons, villains, and armies have been laid to rest by merely revealing the name.
Littletons, to ARMS!!!!

Gee, if only I knew Tony was a Littleton I would have never made him wrap it up!
by LT LIVES April 12, 2011
8 10
1) immature; sophomoric. Usually a young kid.
2) A person lacking any real capacity for thought.
3) A midget.
"Give him a break, he's a littleton"
by SlappysHouseO'Pain August 15, 2007
8 62