Generally used by someone of a low intelligence if something is really good.
Dannie : Huv you seen Boab's Nova

Jimmy : Aye man its pure Dino
by lol@you 1 July 27, 2009
An obese child that ate all the pizza at my birthday party.
Ciara: *eats 5 slices of cake and two candy bars* Ashley: "GOD your such a dino!" Ciara: o_O *rushes into the bathroom and forces herself to throw it all up*
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007
Generally has a big vagina. Likes to spend the weekend at a cottage with his mate.(Who likes to be called his life partner). Loves trading 1 lots in the GGGGOOOOOLLLLDDDDD! Loves to order salad and ginger ale at the best steak house in Chicago. (Even my wife doesn't do that.) Loves to wear the same sweater everyday and is really into lumberjacks. Figuratively and litterally.
Colin you are such a Dino:)
Dino is one of a kind.

Playboy has so many Dino's in each issue.
Are you a boob, A** or dino type of guy? Eh?
by famer diggler February 16, 2010
The Axe wearing dinosaur who loves Erin.
Smelly fungus...smells like Dino!
by kik May 30, 2003
a dime bag of weed from da dopeboi!
i aint got no mo nicks, jus dino's
by deejay March 08, 2005
A Dino Is Another Name For A Dimebag.
Hey I Wanna Buy A Dino.
by Cory Franchise May 21, 2008
A man with a really small cock but makes up for it by standing next to circus midgets and little boys
I used to know a dino who always hung outside elementary schools and handed out candy to little boys because he liked the way they made him feel about his really small penis.
by Dino's mom February 04, 2005

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