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Also known as Kim Jonghyun, a member of a korean boy band called SHINee.
Shawol1: Who's your bias?

Shawol2: Jonghyun oppa! :D
Shawol1: That dino?

Shawol2: Shut up...
by SoJung October 15, 2012
A group of talented individuals, usually including 11-12 female athletes who excel at the game of volleyball. Typically they dominate tournaments, in particular at the provincial level, and often national. These renowned groups of girls are known for their hard work, skill, team dynamics, and intimidation factor. Often they go on to play volleyball at the university or college level following their club careers. Beware, Dinos are in the air!
18U Dinos win AVA #1
17U Dinos take bronze at AVA#1
by Dinos2010 January 31, 2010
(Dee-No): One of prehistoric descent capable of epic rape.
That dino fucked us up man!
by Epic Definitions July 10, 2008
A slang term for fuel or lubricating oil produced from fossil-fuel crude oil, as opposed to synthetics which contain no petroleum derivatives. The name comes from the fact that crude oil is made up of decomposed dinosaur bodies.
Should I switch to synthetic oil in my engine or stick with dino?
by mamarley July 05, 2011
a young croatian boy who thinks hes sexy but hes not!!!!
by tha chees January 27, 2005
Short for dinosaurs, dino is an online term used in the video game Halo 3 to refer to the Elite type character players can choose. People refer to Elites as dinos to make fun of them, since playing as an Elite in high level matchmaking is frowned upon.
Wow look at that dino on the other team. What a BK.
by iTz LimeSoda July 17, 2011
just about the cutest most sweetest guy in the enitre world .. ever (:
aweee. your such a Dino!
by j babyyy April 13, 2008