1. Somebody who, without trying is cool, extremely popular, funny, can sing, and good with the opposite sex.

2. To act drunk with sober.

3.An Italian style Kung Fu. Similar to Wing-Chun’s Drunken Monkey. The art of acting intoxicated to trick your opponent, and gain a surprise advantage over him/her. In the Art Of Dino, one says “BAM” instead of “HI YA” of “KI” Also, “Ring A Ding, Ding” is said frequently to confuse others. One in the Art of Dino, also sings songs for no reason and confuses the words. (The mixed up words are really clues to others who study in the Art of Dino, called Rat Pack Members, or aka Rats, to let them know they are seducing this girl/guy and others need to back off.

Rats, ones who study in the Art of Dino are not gay. Gay men who look like Rats are called Hudson’s. Hudson’s are highly attracted to the Art of Dino and are seen trying to pick up Rats.

The Art of Dino teaches compassion, and Dino’s do not Gay bash but if Hudson’s don’t stop after it is learned a Dino is not a Hudson, then the word “BAM” is heard and a move called, Ain't that a kick in the head is deployed.

There are different ranks a Rat gains in the Art of Dino, the highest being a Sinatra, secound is a Martin, a third being a Davis aka Jr. A beginner being a Jimmy. Female Rats are called Lorens, or Nacy's. There is no way of knowing who is who. Rats don’t use any symbols indicating who’s who. It is only known by “The Look” Other side ranks are given to members but it is very secret where they fall in the order, such as a Peter, a Bogart.

4. A little red dinosaur that is externally cool popular, funny and good with the opposite sex without trying.

5. From the name Dean

6. A name given to boys, mostly from Italian heritage, to help them become cool and to get married, so they can move out of there home, leave their mother alone, make money and have children. The name Dino is given to boys who otherwise might grow up weak and nearly. Similar to how people in Central, and South America name their children Jesus.

When at the prom, Jimmy acted very Dino with his lady.

That guy over there, don't fuck with him, he's a master in the art of Dino.

BAM! you just got Dinoed.

Over near the Warf, is a back room is a man who studies in the Art of Dino, i'm told he's a Sinatra. To to him and study how to be a man.

Mamma: My husband is small and week, my baby boy will grow up and be a bum and get beat up. He will never leave home and will love his mamma to much. I must save this baby, I will name him Dino.

YaBa Daba Doo....ruff ruff ruff

by Mattzook September 10, 2008
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A really cool dude that kinda likes to dance around in other peoples pants. Hes pretty amazing and his followers bow down to his every move. But he is not a dinosaur. Hes just a Canadian.
by colourwonder June 27, 2010
a croatian who plays too much cod
get off the ps3 stop being a dino
by xx_croatian_xx March 24, 2011
Acronym for Democrat In Name Only. Refers to people affiliated with the DemoCratic Party who act like Republicans.
Joe Leiberman, what a fucking DINO!
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
to kill the joy in a situation.

to emit an akward noise into a situation.
Dude you just dinoed the situation

by Minorities+whitey March 04, 2010
usually someone who's heartless, and selfish, possesive, unfaithfull...
Dino: I love you...
Girl: How much!?
Dino: That much, that i would die for you..

and then he runs and tells another girl the same thing...
by 007M May 12, 2009
An obese child that ate all the pizza at my birthday party.
Ciara: *eats 5 slices of cake and two candy bars* Ashley: "GOD your such a dino!" Ciara: o_O *rushes into the bathroom and forces herself to throw it all up*
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007
Generally used by someone of a low intelligence if something is really good.
Dannie : Huv you seen Boab's Nova

Jimmy : Aye man its pure Dino
by lol@you 1 July 27, 2009
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