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your phone number, can be telephone or (usually) mobile phone.
Boy: hey gimme your digits and ill ring ya l8r, yh?
Girl: ok, rememba to call me though.
by [E]mo-Livvi June 16, 2007
The Beatles song from the Let It Be album, lasting a total of 39 seconds.
Like a rolling stone, like a rolling stone, like the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC! BB King, and Doris Day! Matt Busby! Dig it, dig it, dig it!
by YoshiEgg25 November 23, 2009
a street name for the class A drug, ecstacy
we had a mental weekend there. went to this party and took loads of digits
want to get some digits tonight?
boys friends: did you get a shag last night?
boy : na i couldnt get it up man i was on digits
what you done today?
not alot ive been on a comedown all day from they digits

by i am the resurrection June 16, 2008
Slang - NYC (and elsewhere?), referring to SSI, benefit check - welfare.
It's the 1st of the month. Don't your digit come in today?
by UNOwenNYC July 25, 2011
a person who is in between a dwarf and a midget.
Joey is taller than a midget and shorter than a dwarf, he's a digit.
by lookoutdrift October 13, 2009
A number. Most often referring to a phone number. Singular form of digits.
Hey, sweet thang. Can I get your digits so I can call you?
by AYB February 18, 2003
One's telephone #
Hey baby, why don't you let me get your digits
I saw you talking to that hottie, did you get her digits?
by Anonymous June 26, 2002