Many definitions include,
1. Casey be sittin over der
2. Your very excited
3. Your extremely stressed out you stick your head out the window of a car
4. Casey be real hungry
5. Mom is just sittin over dere
diga diga be sitten over dere
by bonanks June 19, 2006
Top Definition
Acronym: Do I Give A Shit?

Used when one is so completely ignoring other people's judgement, mocking, presence etc. that there is no time for further comment. Very dismissive.
A: That new girl of yours is a right old biffa, what you doing with her?
A: She's ugly as...
by Penicillin October 06, 2006
If something diga, then it sucks. it's bad. it's...not good.
Hanson diga.
Richard Simmons diga ultimately.
Dawson's Creek diga.
by Brandon March 18, 2004
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