the definition of "Dido-the-so-called-musician" is far off the true definition of the "male-version-of-Dido"

Dido (males only):
the jack of all trade yet too lazy to show it, introvert, secretive, LOVES TO PROCRASINATE, negative at most times, irresponsible - he doesn't like dealing with big stuff, not very sociallable with new people but only close once, funny, malice at times in his own little world, BUT THE ONE INGREDIENT THAT A DIDO HAS is his genious music talents! especially his voice and PIANO!

Dido, can't live with them, can't live without them :)
by Elizabeth Michelle Garzoon April 01, 2010
(noun) 1. <primary>Any protruding endcap inwhich you cannot recall the name of 2. Any of various devices functioning like or resembling a nipple 3. Seperate item inside of a mechanical device that serves a function in the form of an appendaged
The plastic didos on the end of your shoelaces.
by Cory Merrill January 11, 2006
The musical equivalent of beige.
"What's this boring, non-offensive coffee bar crap on the radio? Oh, right, it's Dido."
by OD Smith March 21, 2005
The most boring female artist ever to offend my ears, she makes me want to die.
Did you hear Dido's new album?
Why do you think I am hanging from the ceiling with a piece of rope round my neck?
by playa25852 June 08, 2005
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