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when someone is such a dick, that it becomes a monstrous sized level of dickness resembling a dinosaur
that ella girl is a proper DICKASAURUS for recording your phone call.
by mike fielding October 21, 2007
A word created by Steven L from New York; is used to describe a 'bitch' 'douche' or a 'dick' but with a cool ending at the end .
girl 1: "ew youre ugly"
girl 2: "shut the fuck up dickasaurus"
by Steviiesaysbam August 17, 2010
Someone who is a total dick head.
Rand is a total dickasaurus for not calling me on new years.
by Heather Ries =] January 01, 2009
when a man's penis is over sized due to an illness.
man my dick felt like a dickasaurus and looked huge.
by Fatdan April 13, 2012