Dont get involved, when out trying to get drunk and generally keeping clear of any drama. can be used as a verb; ' to DGI', or an adjective; 'a DGI friday'
why did you DGI on me last night, i needed you
by captain_john January 09, 2011
Top Definition
Common abbreviation for the phrase didn't get an invite. Commonly used in the past tense form DGI'ed.
Person A: "Hey bro, you going to Tina's birthday this weekend?"
Person B: "No she totally D.G.I.'ed me, how heartless."
by PeterBanana May 01, 2015
Don't Google It - life is complex enough, you really don't need to find out the answer to everything. Let a little mystery flow into your life.... Next time you see something that begs the question, who built that, just let that need for knowledge go, DGI.
"Dude, DGI, let it go, enjoy it for what it is."
by AntiheroDJPK November 13, 2014
(dont get it) for those who do not get the normalness of the 21st century society.
his such a dgi!
by unknown261973178 May 10, 2011
Don't Get It
Someone who doesn't get it. 'It' being most anything but typically the fact that if you get more than two people together they naturally begin conspiring to take over the world.
My brother is a total dgi; we'll see how he fares eating derivatives when tshtf.
by cllc March 14, 2009
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