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Centre of the world and home to the greatest football team in existence. Found on the river at the corner of Stevenage road and Finlay street. 4 stands: Putney end, riverside stand, Johny Hayes stand, Hammersmith end (H-block). When close by the sound of small teams like QPR and Chelsea being broken and dismembered by the Mighty Whites is clear. There is only one team in Fulham, at the cottage, by the river.
Fulham fan: Take me home, Al Fayed, to the place that i belong, Craven cottage by the river, take me home Al Fayed.

Juventus fan 1: who are we playing again?
Juventus fan 2: some team called fulham.
Juventus fan 1: what was their ground called again.
Juventus fan 2: Craven Cottage I think.
by captain_john January 12, 2011
Dont get involved, when out trying to get drunk and generally keeping clear of any drama. can be used as a verb; ' to DGI', or an adjective; 'a DGI friday'
why did you DGI on me last night, i needed you
by captain_john January 09, 2011

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