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Abbreviation for "Don't flatter yourself"
by KittyKat93 July 26, 2011
d.f.y stands for division for youth correctional facilities in new york state they are also know as glatiator schools
I was in a d.f.y in tryon new york back in the early 90's 10 years before me another famous new yorker was also in that same d.f.y mike tyson!
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
Drunk From Yesterday
Dude, I just woke up at 1pm and I'm still in DFY. Vegas is crazy
by The Cat Burglarless May 02, 2013
"Do For Yourself" : This term was coined by Donatella Fragiale who goes by La Fashionista Italian on Youtube. She decided to take a spin from the abbreviation DIY (do it yourself).

"Do For Yourself" videos focus on inner beauty, something she is very passionate about and focuses on her beauty channel, created in 2009.
DFY get happy by finding a passion you love
by Serreena September 04, 2011
An acronym for "Dumb Fucking Yat"

A slang term that originated in uptown New Orleans post-Katrina circa 2009. This term is used to describe an individual of New Orleans descent with a thick Yat accent who believes that the 504 area code is the center of the universe, and that believes anybody who the questions their culture of dishonest business practices or corruption is a rebel rouser.
Chuck is such a DFY. He tried to get away with fraud because he knew the Mayor.

That DFY cop thought he could get away with police brutality because his brother was the district attorney.

That DFY crashed his car after one too many hand grenades.
by NOLAVeteran November 17, 2010
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