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It means you are down for the fuck and anyone can be down for the fuck; you, your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your uncle, your teacher, your aunt, and of course your friends.
Hey man you know what I am? You guessed it. I am DFTF and you know what, so is your mom.
by dark rav January 10, 2011
Don't Fuck the fatty
to drunk friends with fat chicks on their arm: DFTF dog.
by Kongster April 09, 2012
An acronym meaning, "Down for the flip."

"Flipped" meaning to be passed around with multiple partners usually pertaining to a crew or group.

In most cases girls who are Down for the flip are most times hoes,bops, whores, sluts, skanks, slores etc.
Caleb: Ayeee this hoe just gave me the best head & I smashed also!

Jordan: Well is she DFTF???
by DarienTheRedX May 23, 2011
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