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DFP- Down For Pezz.
Phrase cae about after a VERY good looking person, (unfortunately we cant name, names on UrbanDictionary) that was wanted by many women. Myth has it that DFP came about when the biddies got tired of saying im down for pezz, so they came up with the letters DFP.
OMG!!! I am so DFP
by Biddie69 October 21, 2010
Disciplinary fudge packing.
My worthless assistant, Shapiro, fucked up my project. So I called him into my office and administered a DFP.
by ajvt February 26, 2008
DFP (also known as The Battlefield) or Dutch Flohr Park is a park in Santa Rosa, CA where kids hang out and mostly drink at nights. There have been many a crazy night at DFP. A crew of patrons of the park use the same name, DFP. The DFP crew is an ally of both the C263 crew and the PPK crew.
Man, what do you wanna do tonight?

Lets just head out to DFP.
by DFP November 07, 2007
disciplinary fudge packing
He wouldn't stop complaining, so I sent Dieter to silence him with a D.F.P.
by themudnutter November 25, 2003
Drama. Free. People

3 words explain it all
im a DFP, i hate dramatic people
by im.kahn15 February 16, 2011
desperate for pussy
Dude, i'm so horny.
yeah, me too. dfp!

Is she a lesbian?
totally! dfp.
by monamonalisa July 22, 2011
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