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Short for Delete Fucking Everything, the act of deleting everything on a web page or hard drive in an attempt to avoid persecution, prosecution, and insult.
Billy: Oh shit, they're flaming my youtube page nonstop! Time to DFE!
by Matt..... October 24, 2009
"Dead Fish Experience". A girl that just lays there like a dead fish while you are having sex with her. As opposed to GFE - Girl Friend Experience.
I didn't like Kali, she was a DFE unlike Ana who really got into it.
by dirtydogmutt June 12, 2007
Short for dance floor erection. The unfortunate result that occurs when a guy grinds with a girl on the dance floor. DFE is often hard to hide and is a taboo subject between the guy and the girl.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see Trevor at Winter Ball last night? What a bro!
Guy 2: Yeah man. I bet he had some major DFE, though.
by rgfvibnweorgnon March 01, 2011
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