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A sexual move where the male counter part inserts all his fingers except his thumb into the female vaginal area. The thumb can be used to finger the clitoris.
Dude guess what... I just used the destroyer on Brooke M last night. She was moaning soo hard
by PACO-PACO March 26, 2010
The act of masturbating to porn and ejaculating into a piece of toilet paper, later, putting that piece of toilet paper in the toilet and forgetting to flush the toilet. Later your mother gets home and believes it is mucus and makes you stay home sick.
"Dude are you coming snowboarding with me tomorrow?"

"No, I can't I just pulled a Dirty Gary and my mom thinks im really sick"
by PACO-PACO March 26, 2010
The unknown term for someone's genitals when you do not know her/his sexuality.
Dude is that a guy or a chick? I bet he/she has a hairy brookegina
by PACO-PACO March 26, 2010

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