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1. A beat played by a war drummer as troops march into battle, when the beat becomes a "charge" speed, it is a DEATHBEAT, signifying the approaching death of the enemy.
2. A thrash metal band from Seattle, WA
"Sound the DEATHBEAT"
by DEATHBEAT August 10, 2008
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that one heart beat, that one split second or moment when you lean back to far in a chair and just before you can grab a hold of something and save your self from imminent peril and doom, you firmly and whole heartedly believe your going to die. Usually accompanied by your entire life flashing before your eyes.
" haha bro, I seen you have a death beat just now when you were leaning back in chair"

" yeah i thought i was gonna die"
by DoomsxDay122112 March 14, 2014

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