Abbreviation for "douchebag toolbox." Usually refers to a male who is not only a douchebag, but also a tool.
Stacy: Ugh, Jake is being such a jerk for no reason...
Mary: Don't worry about it, that dbtb is not worth it.
by Shak78 January 31, 2010
Top Definition
DBTB means Double Bag with Tiger Balm, and is a clever invention for whenever you want to fuck someone with possible AIDS or HIV. You simply put on two condoms with tiger balm in between. If one of the condoms break you and/or your partner will notice. Simple yet powerfull!
Belinda to HIV-Bertram: You have to use DBTB! Otherwise I wont go near you!
by Bertram's friend Klaus December 31, 2007
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