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The coolest cat this side of the Rockies. He is always fun to be with and hang around at his crib. His Cav eats. Drinks like a dehydrated camel. Comes from the coolest lineage a nigga ever did see. Oh yeah, and he has an enormous dick.
Yo, my nigga D Bob what's crackin'?!

So my nigga D Bob right? He's got that big ole floppy donkey dick.
by Beezy69 October 23, 2011
pron. dee-bob

Acronym for "Dirty Bunch Of Bitches." This can refer a group, or even one person if their bitchiness is equivalent to what one would expect from a group.
I'm so sick of Tracey talking about me behind my back; she is such a DBOB.
by Anisa January 31, 2006
dropping bombs over baghdad
i just dbobed
she has been dbobing for over 30 minutes
by grossgirlies3 February 27, 2011

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