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Drink By Myself. To buy some alcohol and enjoy it in your living room or personal room, or hell, even go to a bar by yourself, but that may be over doing it.
Man, my damn roommate doesn't want to go party tonight, guess I'll have to DBM!
by Crazy_C June 28, 2005
7 16
Dick Before Mates. The crime of putting the girlfriend before mates just because you want to get your end in.
1. What kinda friend DBMs all the time. You're too bitch to get laid anyhow!

2. I'm charging you for multiple counts of DBM over a three month period.

3. Shane : I always DBM, cost I'm as gullible as a seagull.
by jEz Smith June 24, 2006
8 19
DBM means - Don't Be Mad
The act of not being mad when really you are not mad to begin with.
Hey Johnny how's your day? DBM
Hey Paula how are the kids? DBM
Hey Matt, DBM.
by DBM MMQ December 17, 2007
3 17
a shorter version of dfnmljaskedzknls bauihav mdvgvmyafgsidgviyergbfar aka i love you in Swahili by flem
"Hi Kyle! What's up?"
"Not much cept i think i DBM you Mary!"
by Mary January 12, 2005
3 50