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2 definitions by aceb22bro

Legit Kid

1. n. Any young teenager who listens to Jazz, Classical, Ska, or any music featured in a video game, or by Koji Kondo. Legit Kids generally have long, undied hair, dress casually, and are often avid gamers. They fit in well with all groups, but usually associate themselves with (or they are mistaken as) the Emo, Geek, or Pothead groups. Many Legit Kids are surfers. Legit Kids can be sensitive, romantic, strong, usually attractive, but not sexual. They may write poetry. They learn quickly and are intelligent in all areas. Usually attracted to Emo or Scene Girls. Often DBM's. Compare to Scene Kids
2. n. The type of guy every girl wants to have.
1. Dan loves listening to the Super Mario Theme song while writing poetry for his hot, Emo girlfriend. He must be a Legit Kid.

2. Every girl wants a sensitive, romantic, yet still attractive guy.
by aceb22bro July 12, 2009
Dumb Beezy adjective (or bitch) Magnet
1. One who's aesthetic qualities attract a seedier type of woman, who will have sex with another for reason of pleasure to look at.
2. A man who is married to a stupid woman
3. Any man who has felt the inside of a pussy more times than Pamela Anderson has had her tits redone.
1. "Dude, some stupid bitch gave a blowjob to Johnny."

"I guess that makes him a DBM"

2. "Wow, I hat your wife, your such a DBM"

3. "Dude, he had sex with 30 women in one day, he's a DBM!!!!"
by aceb22bro June 30, 2009