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Designated Baby Mommy. The woman you half jokingly made up in your mind as soon-to-be mother of your children.
"Mmmm.. she's totally my DBM!"
by AW35OM3 March 12, 2014
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The Department of Bitching and Moaning, an organization to social justice warfare on the internet.
"So what's trending today?"
"Hmmm, another terrorist attack..."
"...more corruption in our justice system..."
"Double Pass."
"...someone thinking about not seeing the new Ghostbusters movie..."
"Someone is not thinking about seeing the new Ghostbusters movie! Away!"
--DBM, Nostalgia Critic review of Ghostbusters (2016)
by The Logical Fallacy August 06, 2016
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A system of software that stores and organizes data to enable users to add, modify and extract information; database management system.
A good on-line business has to have a high quality DBMS.
by VAKI5 May 12, 2005
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-Douche-bag-move-, coined by RandyKane in 2010, this term is widely used amongst "THe Most Epic Of All The Epic Beast In The Entirety Of THe Human Existance", group on Facebook.
-Randy, Kane, why the hell didnt we steal the cash register when the lights went off at the restaurant?
-Kane, Dude i told you i was getting an old fashion from tara under the table!
-Randy, Wow...what a dbm!
by Koozey May 12, 2011
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DBM stands for Dope Boy Mafia (hip-hop group/label). A MySpace tag reads them DBM niggaz is hot! This organization is based out of ATL (Atlanta GA), LA California, and DYT (Dayton OH). DBM members have a hand gesture that is easy to execute (point index finger down towards the palm and hold hand out). It can also be reasonably assumed that DBM members have ties with the Black Mafia Family (BMF) since DBM members have been seen wearing BMF jewelry and BMF clothing. Likewise, it is also reasonable to assume that DBM members use the hip-hop music and entertainment label as a cover to launder drug money.
Known DBM members include: Reddy Baby, Nutts, 6'8", Lil Chris aka Ca$htro, and DBoy.
by PI Gang Task Force October 16, 2007
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don't be mean

when somebody says something cruel about another person or something, it's an easy way of saying 'don't be mean'
Friend: Oh! That person is so ugly!
You: DBM
by pjumper29 September 29, 2010
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short for The Department of Bitching and Moaning, the workplace of butthurt people, however, people who are complaining about important stuff aren't employees of The D.B.M.
Kristina: "I didn't get my makeup that I ordered!"
Joe: "Do you work in D.B.M.?"
by SuperPotatoMann August 09, 2016
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