a professional online game organization.
the leader is HeiHei.
are you a member of DBJ?
yes,i am DBJHei.
by DBJ February 16, 2005
Top Definition
DBJ: Dont Be Jealous. Used by Mall rats and Sorority Girls
Om mi god that's like so awsome.....oh DBJ Debbie
by scotsbear August 13, 2003
Don't be jealous. A common acronynm used in situations where you feel that you are better then people, and need to express it a humble mannor.
When you drive your Cadillac Escalade and you roll up to a intersection, to see that a honda civic has stopped beside you... you roll down your tinted window and tell them "DBJ"
by hawkostini August 19, 2009
Dont Be Jealous!! (i.e. a quick way to address someone kreebling on you)
Connor: What are you bringing to the BBQ Duncan?

Duncan: A veggie platter! DBJ!
by Unclebrown March 24, 2010
Short for "Douche bag jar". Popularized by the 2011 show "New Girl" starring Zooey Deschanel, the douche bag jar is a jar where money is placed when a male does something douchey and someone else (male or female) calls on them to place money in there by saying "douche bag jar."

DBJ was coined at NYU.
Girl #1- I've been told that I look like Eva Mendez before.
Boy- HAHHAHAHA. Psh. You wish.
Girl #2- DBJ
Boy- (puts a dollar in the DBJ)
by nycgirl777 October 11, 2011
Short for Double Blow Job

Generally speaking for men, when two girls blow 1 cock at the same time.
Jennifer and Melissa gave me an incredible two tongue DBJ last night.
by E-dpg June 08, 2004
DBJ stands for a dirty blow job. A DBJ is an especially sloppy blow job which may include excessive amounts of spit, deep throating and ball sucking.
Dennis: Did you get laid?

Anthony: No, but she did give me a DBJ.

Dennis: Nice!
by Ambrogio February 16, 2010

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