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DBJ: Dont Be Jealous. Used by Mall rats and Sorority Girls
Om mi god that's like so awsome.....oh DBJ Debbie
by scotsbear August 13, 2003
Dundee slang (derived from chewing gum swinger: from the habit of these girls to sit on the back of a bus and play with chewing gum with their fingers) for female addidas tracksuit wearing urban lowlifes. Hair will be pulled back so tight that the skin is pulled back (see Croydon facelift) but a superglued hairsprayed fringe is a must as is too much makeup.
Some chewnieswinger was hayin an argument with her gadgie boyfriend on the bus the day.
by scotsbear August 12, 2003
Chiefly US gay slang for large burly, beefy, good looking, well built straight men who are forced to walk around a mall pushing a stroller (pram in UK) and go shopping with their big fat ugly wife.
Look at the forearms on that stroller-daddy, what a waste he's married to that fat bitch.
by scotsbear August 12, 2003
Used to describe very large African American women who wear clothes that are far too small for them
Check out the 300lbs hoochie mamma in the mini skirt.
by scotsbear August 13, 2003
Gay latino term (meaning daddy) usually shouted at well built, bearded, hairy Northern European men (see bears).
oh pappi!!!!! you so handsome.
by scotsbear August 12, 2003
Dundee term for (chiefly male) addidas tracksuit wearing urban lowlifes. Usually found on at the back of a double decker bus spitting and smoking, or skipping school or kicking a ball against an abandoned shop (also spitting)

Female form of gadgie is chewnieswinger

see also pikey, ned and schemie
Oh no it's the No. 17 bus that's usually full o gadgies.
by scotsbear August 12, 2003

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