David Bowie's Erection
Look at his tights in the movie Labyrinth! You can totally see D.B.E.
I bet Jennifer Connely wanted some of that!
by The Goblin Queen April 04, 2011
Top Definition
DBE is the most fucked up DBZ MUD online known as Dragonball Evolution.

Oh hell nah, is that nigga playing DBE?
by DarkOzma September 30, 2009
AKA Drive-By Ejaculation
A gentleman's game, although ladies can join in, but they need squirter guns. They may ask the men to fill their magazine if they ever run out.

Game Rules:
Headshot = Less points
Body Shot = Regular points
Knee shot = Bonus points

In the game, there can be a point when a team can drive a vehicle. There can be a driver and a shooter. For maximum precision, another team member can aim for the shooter.

Note: It takes minutes to reload so conserve your load!

Ask Jessica Nigri for authenticity.
Have you played DBE? Its so fun! You should cum play!
by MyNameIsDarren May 13, 2012
dick bowl eater, one who eats bowls of dick
yea he loves a bowl of cock, hes a huge dbe.
by 35h January 16, 2008
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