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Dabb is a popular dance where you bend your arm •90degrees and bend your head into the bent arm
Hit the dabb
by D-abb March 18, 2016
When you smoke/ take a hit of a strong high quality Marijuana and it makes you chock/cough heavy you dabb. Meaning you are in a position where one arm is the air and the other bent in with your face coughing in your elbow. This generation made a dance move about it. Dabb.
Bob smoked with me and dabb. I laughed.

Jenifer dabb to the music.
by Oohoohooh March 16, 2016
To kiss your grandmother good night.
Make sure you dabb your grandmother before we leave.
by Fullthrottle101 July 17, 2016
Dabb:An popular dance created in 2016 all we gotta do is putt your head in the middle of your arm.It's like doing superman but the opposite way.
IHeartMemphis :Wake up in the morning in now i Dabband surrounded by a block (Hit dem folks).Today i get too whip i know i top YAH (Drop).My car name is nae nae gotta hit da Quan cause today is a good day Yah slide to the left slide to the right front it to the front back it to the back...
by GeorgeSavior574 June 12, 2016
stands for dumb ass blonde bitch
if someone thinks ur really stupid they might call you a DABB
by Anonymous x33 February 26, 2007
a gay kid who is gothic, likes pocky and anime, and wears all black. Dan hates that pickle
damn dabbs i hate you.
by dan November 20, 2003
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