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Short for "devastating for morale". Used to describe excessively painful/uncomfortable events.
Husband: "OMG, we lost all our money in the stock market."
Wife: "Wow, thats really D4M

Arash: Wow you just beat me four times in a row.
Jonny: D4M isnt it?
by Jonny Iosim February 22, 2009
Down for me. Used meaning that the subject wants to 'get with' you. Can be used sarcastically or honestly.
Ex 1:
Beth: That guy Daniel talks to you all the time.

Fran: Yeah i think he be D4M.

Ex 2:
Fabio: Glinda, I think you're stupid and mean.

Glinda: Whatever dude, you know you're D4M.
by lowlowlowlowlowlow January 22, 2010

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