Nathan Fillion recommends that the new "in" phrase be: Double Rainbow, and its short form is DR.

It means that which is:

•ecstatically wondrous

•joyfully amazing

•orgasmically blissful
Here are some paraphrased usage examples for Double Rainbow, (DR can be used in place of Double Rainbow), from NathanFillion on his Twitter page, among others:

"That pizza was so Double Rainbow (DR). Oh my god."

"Possible responses to "Double Rainbow": -Double Rainbow, all the way. -Starting to look like a TRIPLE Rainbow. -What does it mean?" Answer: "A Full-on Double Rainbow!"

The movie Serenity is so vivid, it's Double Rainbow all the way!

Having a second season of Firefly? Definitely Double Rainbow!.

The brilliance of Nathan Fillion is so intense, it's Double Rainbow all the way! (DR ATW!)
by Kcat10 July 18, 2010
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