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this is a double set of piercings set on either side of the lower lip thus giving the appearance of a air liner's runway often worn by skanky pseudo-goths/emos and the uninformed males that think it will get them chicks
Good thing she had a dick drunk as she was I never would have gotten head last night.
#dick #snake bites #piercings #lip #labret
by Katta421 June 28, 2011
a dick runway refers to when a woman with large breasts/expensive push-up bra wears a top that discloses an enormous amount of cleavage and therefore the crease between her breasts that is the perfect size for a penis to be inserted therein. also known as a d.r. for short
waiter: dude check out the chick at table 22, she is rocking an awesome dick runway.
#cleavage #push-up bra #tit job #boobs #breasts
by anarchist christ December 17, 2011
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