don't actually reccover ever did acid regularly electrically
drag-ass republican election
by trouble April 29, 2003
Drugs Are Retarded Expiriments

Downvote away, druggies! You'll never be as smart or have as much money or fun as me, because I don't do drugs. HAHAH!
Stupid Druggy: Oh man, I can't stand how people say pot make you stupid! I'm going to go on Urban Dictionary and write a bunch of BS definitions for D.A.R.E. and the War on Drugs!

Sober person: Fine. Enjoy your drugs and completely fruitless lifestyle surfing the web from your mom's basement. I'm going to go back to school where I've been getting A's all week.
by Timstuff April 06, 2008

An extremely useful and beneficial program that teaches the intelligent kids, or the ones who want to learn and not want to be street trash. About the dangers of illegal drugs (including Alcohol). It helps kids gain the knowlage from scientific research to be responsible and healthy human beings. It may also be the reason why I and the growing number of Abstainers and non-abusers is far greater than the abusers (look at the statistics people! only 23% of people who use drugs are abusers). By the way pot is sooo dangerous to you it ain't even funny.
I am 18 years old graduate in the top 10% of my class, I have NEVER done any type of harmful drug. I consider myself a D.A.R.E. role-model. Thank you D.A.R.E.
by July 22, 2006
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