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being so desperate and horny that you will pretty much let anyone/anything touch your penis, including fat ugly chicks and butterfaces.
"I can't believe that he got a handjob in the parking lot of Publix from such a butterface. What a D-way!"
by Amanda Hugenkiss November 26, 2007
(Noun): A place, usually one's driveway, to hang out when there is nothing left to do in your shamble of a life but intake mass quantities of drugs.
Note: Not limited to a weekend hangout. Most effectively used on a night when the average American (except d-way occupants)must wake up the next morning to perform daily tasks.
1) Even though it's Wednesday night, Jim has no job so he went to Joe's d-way to hang out.
2) Mike opted not to go to the party because the d-way was calling his name.
by Jointsmokers anonymous January 23, 2007
(verb): to become deceived by the owner of a d-way. To get duped into thinking a person had a place to stay after the drugs run out.
After the cocaine was gone and Joe came out with a tennis racket, signaling it was time to leave, I realized I had been d-way'ed all along.
by Jointsmokers anonymous January 23, 2007