Stands for Dumbass Frankenstein. Used to notate something or someone that is unusually stupid.
Person 1: Dude, that guy is DF.
Person 2: Oh my?!
Person 1: Oh my, you're DF.
by Fresh Dinosaur January 04, 2008
Abbreviation known amongst metalheads referencing to the political death metal band DYING FETUS.

Usually typed, almost never spoken. If spoken it comes from a poser metalhead who deserves to be shunned.
"yo dude you listen to the new df cd?"
by pseudocide September 27, 2007
DF is short for "dead fuck" which means some one who just lays there during sex like a dead person, possibly due to being lazy, intoxicated, or just not good in bed
"that girl last night was df" "that girl last night was a df"
by tetsusaiga83 May 25, 2007
Despair Faction. Despair Faction is the official A.F.I fan club.

df is normally not spoken but found on user names or otherwise written.
xsuicidexmaniacx: ddid you go 2 d partyy last night?
MandyisDank{DF}: yess, after the show.
by Psaffire April 29, 2007
Is an abreiviation for Dumb Fuck related to Daniel Flores being a dipshit. Commonly used for someone that doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about and/or doing and is completely clueless. Basically the the stupidest person you know.
Look at the DF. There goes that DF. Is that DF?
by the original DF December 09, 2010
Distance From --insert stinky person's first initial here--.

Used to avoid being caught in a cloud of body odor emitted from someone.
Bob: What's that smell?

Rob: Oh it's probably Craig...only he can make a smell that nasty

Bob: Ahh crap, check your DFC!
by uncunc2555 April 25, 2010
The DF is a place where many individuals who excel at life go to get the freak/funk/slut/sex on. DF is an abbreviation of the words Dance Floor. However one can only refer to a Dance Floor as a DF if there are currently a large number of hot skank ass hoes grinding on it. If there are no hoes then the Dance Floor is not a DF.
"Oy paul was hitting the DF so hard last night he got kicked out of Sharkbar for doing screaming eagle on top of the speakers."

"Oy are you keen to sesh DF time."

"I am so keen to put the mack down is sack town and smash up the DF."

"I was in fine form when i smashed up the DF last night."
by Ninja Mc Stealth Kill September 29, 2009

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