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one whos got the bills , one who lights up every day, one who pays for munchies, on who manages due to his/her financial status.
Yo D-Money, light up!!!
by Danny December 01, 2003
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Alternatively D$, is an expert twerker and twin/doppelganger of multiple people who look nothing alike. A wearer of red heart-shaped sunglasses, R Kelly's "The World's Greatest" plays coincidentally whenever she enters a room. She is often recognized for her extremely wide eyes and her laugh can be heard for miles around.
You: "Oh my god, D-Money, stop being so amazing"
D$: "I just gotta be me"
by D$snumber1fan January 29, 2014
A name given to a very skilled and mature person. One who knows realizes he is greater than all.
Oh man, that guy is a dmoney.
by Bob February 22, 2004
Many people have long wondered, what exactly is a D-Money? Well basically a D-Money is a guy who doesn't really take life too seriously & is an ultra gash magnet. Not to be confused with the lesser 'Dmoney Drama' this nigga would do just about anything for his homies, including using a UAV so others can get a nuke; he is just an all round team player. The key to becoming a D-Money lies in the power of manipulating females, often resulting in the efficient production of sandwiches and/or hot bubble baths.
D-Money: Yo girl, make me that sammich then hit me up with a nice hot bubble bath.
Random hot girl: Sure, you want cheese and coleslaw?
D-Money: Hoe I asked for a sammich not salad.
Random hot girl: My bad.
D-Money: Be quick with the bath too, I need to go catch a 2 peice.
by BilalV2 August 01, 2011
Dude who is a bangin' muscian.
Yo, Derick was D-Money last week at the Vortex of Shame, he threw down fat beats!
by DANG_stpete April 24, 2006
A White middle aged teen who thinks hes black but is white.
Also known as a nickname for a wigger. (a.k.a. an uh-oh oreo, white on the outside and black on the inside)
Yo D-Money, mah nigga whats happin' dawg??
by Collin Chandler May 10, 2006
A man who is a geography God. Capable of explaining plate tectonics for hours on end and is superior to any human ever lived. He travels to Costa Rica and tells many legends about the concrete slide.
Me - D-Money, I'm going to California tomorrow.
D-Money - Thats Awesome
by Gazebz January 03, 2008

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