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Many people have long wondered, what exactly is a D-Money? Well basically a D-Money is a guy who doesn't really take life too seriously & is an ultra gash magnet. Not to be confused with the lesser 'Dmoney Drama' this nigga would do just about anything for his homies, including using a UAV so others can get a nuke; he is just an all round team player. The key to becoming a D-Money lies in the power of manipulating females, often resulting in the efficient production of sandwiches and/or hot bubble baths.
D-Money: Yo girl, make me that sammich then hit me up with a nice hot bubble bath.
Random hot girl: Sure, you want cheese and coleslaw?
D-Money: Hoe I asked for a sammich not salad.
Random hot girl: My bad.
D-Money: Be quick with the bath too, I need to go catch a 2 peice.
by BilalV2 August 01, 2011

Name originating from the Latin 'Wes My Gun?' Roughly translated it means 'pimp ass nigga'. To name your baby this, it is necessary to fulfil a few specific requirements:

1. He must be black.
2. He must have an older brother with smaller genatalia.
3. He must possess enough swagger to hit on the midwife, when exciting his mothers vaginal crease.
4. He must make sniper montages on most CoD games.
If your son (or daughter for all you weirdo's out there) fulfils these requirements, he (or she) may be called Wes.

Wes is usually a clean shaven man with a tendency to get odt at the most inopportune of times. This however couples well with his love for all things 'D-Money' and his burning desire to watch ghetto movies with 'hoes'.

Wes doesn't toast bread, he toasts toast. Wes has featured in many Hollywood movies such as 'Dude Wes My Car?', 'Wes Wally?' and 'Scooby Doo in Wes the Mummy?'
Girl 1: Oh damnnn, look at that fly ass boi walking towards me
Girl 2: Oh no you didn't bitch, he's mineeee
Wes : Girls, girls. There's enough of me for both of you - now kiss and make up.
by BilalV2 August 01, 2011

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