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someone who has passed away but is still greatly admired, respected and will be forever loved. Rest in peace grandad x x x
does the competition in the paper every sunday
by his grandaughter April 03, 2005
a term for the coolest guy ever, these people are usually good looking and ballin. They have cool friends as well as many hoes
That guy is so Cyril, i want to have sex with him!
by Pablo Fernandez March 07, 2008
Is a man who wears bras for his wifes birthday or it might be a special occasion...
Cyril wearing a Bra to his sons confirmation
by PraiseKidCast June 01, 2011
(n) a person who is bad at making the sex.
(v) the act of being bad at the sex.

Origins come from the fact that most people called cyril have a loose, at best, understanding of the general rules of sexual intercouse. A cyril is someone who lures you in and proves to be not only useless but overconfident and somtimes, inadequately groomed.

Cyril is also a male human name, not all men named Cyril are crap roots. However some are, and they are especially aggressive during threesomes. It often takes a lot of showering to wash the cyril off.
Michelle that guy we fucked was such a cyril!

Girl I know, I can't believe we got cyrilled, it was like it was his first time.
by Rochelle and Michelle May 05, 2011
London Cockney Rhyming Slang for a homosexual. After the character in The Racoons cartoon.

CYRIL SNEER = (rhymes with) QUEER
That geezer looks like a right Cyril
by zootsoot77 December 06, 2010
a homosexual (or gay) french man who prefers asians or black people for his relations.
Person in reference to a gay man: Man you are just like cyril
by frenchcyrilfag October 05, 2006