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People from the most exotic island of Cyprus
Hot, independent women who don't give a damm.
by Marilena November 13, 2003
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PEOPLE FROM CYPRUS who are pretty and some are ignorant and gossips but hey every race has their proplem people
cypriots = sometimes nice sometimes pain in the backside
by greekie#1 August 05, 2003
Cypriots are inhabitants of Cyprus. There are two types of Cypriots: Greek and Turkish.
I met Cypriots when I was in Cyprus.
by Toronaga October 17, 2011
A person from the island of Cyprus. The most hospitable people on earth. Cypriots have greek origins. They speak Greek and have the same culture as mainland Greece. They are though doomed to live with the Turkish inhabitants of the island. (Doesn't matter, life goes on).
Cypriots are the best around!
by MIALOS ADROPOS April 07, 2005
The original natives are from the Levant. The Levant inludes Anatolia and near eastern countries.Greece is not in the Levant but Greeks migrated there later in history. Cypus has changed hands many times in history with the Ottomans taking Cyprus from the Venetians about 400 years ago. The Turks leased Cyprus to the Brittish for an aliance to fight off Russian invasions in the Crimean war. The lease was worded such that Cyprus shouldbe returned to the Turks when Russia ceased to be a threat to the region. Since the collapse of the iron curtain, Brittain has failed to honour the lease agreement and effectively annexed the island. The treaty of guarantee was forced on the Turks by a united Europe that supported the Brittish position to not return Cyprus to the Turks but to instead have 3 guarantor countries being Turkey, Greece and Britian. The island has divided in 1974 due to the Greek EOKA invasion and terror campaign.
A Cypriot is a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
by northgork July 23, 2014
Someone from the island of Cyprus, who can trace their ties back to the island before the 1950s.

Ok people, a lot of Turk bashing and Greek bashing.
Let me set this straight:
1. Around the 1920s there were both TurkCs and GreekCs on the island who had migrated there from their respective empires.

2. Before the troubles (just before 1974) it was relatively peaceful island. GreekCs lived with TurkCs. TurkCs lived with GreekCs.

3. Around 1974, the troubles hit peak and patriots from both sides started to turn on their neighbours by rounding them up and shooting them. Village by village.

4. Since the GreekCs were the majority in this case, the TurkCs had more to lose.

5. Turkey eventually invaded the island in order to protect "its people" and declared North Cyprus a state of Turkey under its protection.

6. Patriotism rose on both sides because of this decision, and an influx of Turks were imported into the island to keep TurkC numbers "strong."

As a result you get four types of people on the island:
Turkish Cypriots, Greek Cypriots, Mainland Turks, English.
As a Turkish Cypriot living in England, I hate the following groups for the following reasons;

Greek Cypriots - For treating Turkish Cypriots like 2nd class citizens in their own country, and spouting your incredibly 1-sided propaganda to the rest of the world. You guys are complete sobs, and wouldn't even give me directions to the border even though you were living around the corner from it. The saddest part is that you guys actually believe your own bullshit.

Mainland Turks - For invading the island and acting like general wastes of space as you spout your own miliyetci propaganda. Shut up and stop bleating the national pride like its a religion. Seriously, these idiots actually weekly worship the statue of the decapitated head of Ataturk, a man who tried to westernise Turkey and move it away from its muslim roots. As a result, you get every yokel in the country praying to him like a new god. Morons.

English (chavs)- For invading the island and turning it into your own cesspit of a theme park. You build ghost towns all over what was once nice countryside, so you can come to the island for maybe -what- one week a year and then leave it? Do whatever you want to Greek side, it was commercialised before I got there, but leave the Turkish side alone; it's not your disco. It's where people live you fat pink bastards.

So there we go; Im TurkishC and I hate everyone who hates me.
by tetris11 January 20, 2010
A Cypriot is a native of Cyprus. Cypriots are descended from the Greeks of the Aegean, and speak the Cypriot dialect which is similar to the Greek spoken in the mainland but with a few small local differences.Cypriots are Great looking people and very friendly, (Even to drunken British tourists!)

Please Note: There is NO such thing, as a 'Turkish Cypriot' they are merely Turks, who INVADED Cyprus in 1974, and thus have no blood ties to the island, nor similarities to Cypriots or Greeks (Turks are Muslim Arabs, Greeks/Cypriots on the other hand are White, Christian and European) These Turkish INVADERS do not have the right to call themselves Cypriots.
I went to the Greek Island of Cyrpus and got it on with some sexy Cypriot Girls!
by Maverick Corleone June 03, 2006

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