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2 definitions by fluggerbug

when you hear something for the first time, and then almost immediately hear it again.
9AM: "hey, did you hear Jill is going to Cyprus for her honeymoon? Cypriots are hot!"

thinking...wow, I never realized that people from Cyprus are called Cypriots

12PM: "Let's go to that restaurant that has Cypriot food..."

shocked... i just learned the word today! what a cypriot coincidence!
by fluggerbug July 20, 2009
The rise in salience of recently discussed or observed information, providing a heightened sensitivity in preparation for a subsequent observation of related stimuli, often resulting in a Cypriot coincidence.
Discussing Girl Scout cookies you realize that living in a city, you never see girl scouts. The heightened sensitivity of 'girl scouts' is the Cypriot Effect that perchance would result in the sighting of a girl scout in the city, a Cypriot Coincidence.
by fluggerbug September 24, 2009