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An amazing caring person with a smile that lights up the world. when you see this girl you might have to take a second look because this persons atmosphere creates a unique even sexy way about her . Don't under estemate this girl she has the power to do more than you know.
Wow that girl is so amazing! that must be Cynethia
by Chiconda April 22, 2011
5 1
An amazing special unique person with qualities like no other a true star. This female has confidence deep within Words may get her down but this person is stronger than they truly believe.
I have never met anyone like Cynethia before!
by lalaaa$ April 21, 2011
4 1
A female who is unattractive, but the guys fall for her like candy to a fat kid. A Cynethia is usually a slut, hoe, and looks like a prostitute.
Hey, do you see that chick over there? She acts like such a Cynethia!
by Nalani & Nicole January 02, 2008
6 18