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A black dragon in the videogame, "Spyro". Cynder plays as the villian in the beginning but eventually turns good when she is released from the dark master's spell.

Another definition for Cynder is a name for someone who is ambitious and clever all-together. That's why the term "Cinder" is used to relate to Cynder.
Spyro: Cynder, you're a genius!
#cynder #black #dragon #spyro #characters #cinder
by pew pew girl February 13, 2012
An awesome non-signed rock band which is in a battle for ozzfest at the time being. I met one of the guys at a gas station in North Carolina and he gave me their c/d...I think he might have been hitting on me...but it was cool cause he was hot...
"voices from the back scream"
by Jaleesa November 21, 2004
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